Our Story

Bob and Nan SmithIn 1996, Nan and Bob Smith, future vineyard owners, decided to return to Nan’s hometown of Dubuque, to raise their two daughters in a small town environment.  They purchased the Stone Cliff Farm near Durango Iowa and planned to conventionally farm the land.  However, as happens in life, one thing lead to another, and one day over a good bottle of wine, Bob and Nan Smith thought maybe they could do something different with their farm, like raise grapes and maybe eventually operate a winery to turn those grapes into wine.

They immediately started going to conferences and taking classes to learn the wine industry as well as the art of making wine.  With the help of family and the community, all done by hand, they planted their first 2000 vines.   The rest is history…

From our family to yours, we invite you to experience Stone Cliff Winery.

– Bob & Nan Smith